Club Morgan

At Morgan’s Wonderland, inclusion is at the heart of who we are and what we do. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our newest initiative, Club Morgan! This volunteer program will offer a range of recreational and social activities designed to bring together individuals of all abilities based on common interests, with the shared goal of establishing friendships.

Club Morgan will involve every department at Morgan’s Wonderland, and extend beyond to Morgan’s Wonderland Sports and Morgan’s Wonderland Camp for fun, learning, and social enrichment. Morgan’s Wonderland is more than a park, and the Club Morgan program expands our service to the community by organizing activities, providing locations, and bringing people with shared enthusiasm together!

Meet-Ups include:

  • Large group meetups
  • Easy to implement and organize quickly to gain momentum and awareness of the program
  • One on the first Saturday of the month from March – December in-Park.
  • Drumming with T-Bow, Morgan’s Wonderland Sports Opening Day, Movie Screening, Concert, Game Clinic at Sports, Choir Clinic
  • Initial invitations to our in-park volunteers; open to park Guests for their contact information to update them on future events
  • For participants who want more and are willing to commit to practices and rehearsals.
    • Inclusive Dance          
    • Inclusive Music
    • Unified/Inclusive Theatre
    • Unified Sports